The MGroup Launches New Business Club & Webinar with Helen Joy at People Spark

From the beginning of 2021, we’ve been running a webinar series with Nick Hughes of Dynamic Coach on the theme of Planning and Recovery, getting back to business post-pandemic. Designed to support the Oxfordshire business community, these webinars became a humbling success, with some of the business communities’ biggest names attending and supporting the events.

Bringing you the best from the Estate this July

We enjoy no better sight than peaceful calves snoozing in the sun, and these little ones were snapped doing just that in their High Park field. Our teams have been busy as always, ensuring our Estate is carefully managed and all our livestock are happy and healthy.

Cowley Road Carnival Live! on 4th July

Cowley Road Carnival celebrations go ahead all over the city as residents are encouraged to join Virtual Carnival online, decorate their homes as the UK’s first Carnival House Floats and enjoy neighbourhood get togethers. The festivities will be completed by a Mixcloud After Party hosted by local DJs from 6pm.

Spring Spectacular at Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace is playing host to some extra special guests as part of its Spring Spectacular celebrations from 22nd May to 6th June.

Oxford Town Hall launches new website and a brand new look…

Oxford Town Hall are delighted to announce the launch of not only a brand new look, but also a new user-friendly website.

Oxfordshire’s most renowned venues are ready and waiting to welcome you back

Freedom is here!! It’s time to start making plans and getting excited about moving back to a slightly more ‘normal’ world, with lockdown restrictions easing we are now able to visit wonderful venues such as Blenheim Palace, Oxford University colleges and The Ashmolean Museum.

Lockdown Lectures: Captain Ralph Kite “A Very Parfit Gentil Knight”

Online talk and Q&A with David Innes and Simon Harris.

Blenheim: Bringing you the best from the Estate this May

The Park is now adorned with new arrivals. Watching our lambs bounding across the Estate makes us feel grounded with nature as it continues no matter what’s going on in the world. The Gardens are brimming with blossom trees as we watch the seasons move on, albeit leaving the weather in April showers. We’re hitting the ground running as life rights itself with momentous new partnerships and projects.

Blenheim: An update on our latest work and projects

The Pandemic has left me feeling somewhat dis-connected to you with the lack of time as we battled COVID-19 and the ability to meet in a more personal way, be it a one to one meeting we may have had or event of some sort where we used to chat over a coffee.

Pony express a model recreation of Winston Churchill''s childhood pony Rob Roy is pushed -in front of Blenheim Palace

Palace Adds Extra Horsepower To New Stables Exhibition

A model recreation of Winston Churchill’s childhood pony is among a series of equestrian displays to feature in a major new exhibition in Blenheim Palace’s historic stable block, which opens next month.

Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum Lockdown Lectures

Uncover The Secret Life of Ian Fleming, best known as the author of the James Bond  novels, Talk and Live Q&A with Dr. Christopher Moran.

Investigating The Paranormal: Live!

A virtual ghost hunt with Haunted Happenings. Oxford Castle & Prison has joined forces with Haunted Happenings to bring ghost hunters the most Spooktacular event of 2021 to screens across the globe.