Recovering Smoke Damaged Documents & Records 

We are supporting a client with their large archive of documents which has suffered smoke damage from a fire that occurred in their building. Fortunately for our clients, the documents were in their fireproof safes so apart from smoke damage they survived fairly well. Preserving vital corporate and historical documents is a huge responsibility as… Read More »

Ever Heard of Onion Skin Paper? And how do we process it

We are currently working on a very large archive of old books that require HQ scanning to Archival TIFF images.  Once processed, these images will be OCR (optical character recognition) applied before being prepared to PDF format.

Digitalisation is impacting businesses and it’s here to stay

Companies are starting to make the transition online to support an ease of  day to day operations running and streamlining management.  New technology allows companies of all sizes to become more stategic and efficient in their businesses.  It is now the time to start capitilising on the benefits of digitisation.

6 Reasons You Should Digitise Your Company Records, Media and Archives

While many organisations rely on paper or film documentation for governance, operational needs, and general management, digitisation of these documents and media is also important.