COVID-19 Vaccinations & The Workplace | Tips for Employers

In this episode of Tips for Employers with Julian Taylor Solicitiors, Nicola Wallbank discusses the latest on COVID-19 vaccinations from an employer perspective.

Children in the South East Are Spending an Additional Four Hours Per Day in Their Bedrooms Due to the Pandemic

Research has revealed the impact that spending more time indoors has had on children in the South East.

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Research Reveals the Impact of COVID-19 on Parental Guilt in the UK

Research has revealed that parents are feeling more guilt than ever before due to the additional pressures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to improve workplace wellbeing with a disparate workforce

Homeworking has been a growing trend for several years, but now, with social distancing a priority against the backdrop of Covid-19, a more flexible working business model is the new norm for many organisations. Written by Sridhar Iyengar of Zoho Europe.