Employers urged to give staff the tools they need for the job

A third (36%) of UK employees who work from home say they are more productive in the office, with 42% saying it’s because they have better equipment at work.

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We should all strive to be more socially and environmentally conscious in business…

You may have heard quite a bit about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It’s all about creating a sustainable, environmentally conscious business; one which takes appropriate steps to reduce your carbon footprint, as well as tackling waste, encouraging employee development and caring about the community you live and work in.

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Personal protection equipment at the core Aston & James workplace supplies

Aston & James has always worked to understand the needs of businesses to stay relevant and to ensure that the range of products we deliver is appropriate for you in supporting your business.

How to protect staff & customers during social distancing

As we prepare for the next level of control over the prevention and spread of Covid-19, many businesses will start to re-open but with strict social distancing measures in place.

Aston & James Workplace Wellbeing

The Future Of Workplace Wellness – Take Our Quick Survey

As we all look to find a way forward, what does the future of workplace wellbeing look like?

The evolution of offices for the future

The evolution of offices for the future

The recent enforced changes in how we work as well as where we work raises questions as to how commercial office space will change in the future, writes Barnaby Clark, Sales and Marketing Director of office design and fit-out specialist, COEL.

A Guide To Reopening The Workplace

COEL – A Guide To Reopening The Workplace

As the push to return to a ‘new normality’ and reopen the country’s economy starts to begin, many of us may have conflicting emotions about returning to the office.

Aston and James helping you with distancing

Helping you keep your Distance with Aston and James: Social Distancing Range Now Available

As much as we don’t like it and it feels very unnatural, it looks like social distancing will be sticking around for a while, at least the next twelve months.

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Here to help you whilst at work and at home – wherever possible

In light of the uncertainty with the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we want to reassure all our customers that we are taking all necessary steps to follow the World Health Organisation and local authorities’ guidelines. Our priority is the safety of our customers and team.

Working from Home? Our Top Tips for Employers

Working from Home? Our Top Tips for Employers

Did You Know? Did you know the number of people working at home reached an all-time high of 4.2 million in 2014? According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), this is about 13.9% of the population with approximately 74% of these home workers classified as managers, professionals or skilled trades.

How to attract and retain Millennials in your workplace

Talent Spotter: How to attract and retain Millennials in your workplace

We’ve all said it ‘‘doesn’t that policeman/solicitor/doctor look young’’. A sure sign that we’re all getting older. And the fact is, that we are getting older, and for every year that passes in our working lives, another wave of young, fresh, technologically advanced employees enters the workforce, bringing with them fresh ideas, new ways of working, and high levels of expectations.

Be Super at Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Be Super at Reducing your Carbon Footprint

It will come as no surprise that the effect that we as humans are having on our environment is becoming increasingly more important. Through our actions, we are exploiting our natural resources, destroying habitats and polluting our seas, which poses a huge threat for future generations.