Moorcrofts Corporate Law Firm Launch Legal Podcast

Moorcrofts Corporate Law Firm Launch Legal Podcast

Corporate Law Firm, Moorcrofts is launching its own legal podcast – Moorcrofts Means Business, which will see its partners and highly regarded lawyers, as well as a range of industry leaders discuss legal topics to help companies run their businesses as efficiently as possible.

Without a good lawyer, dealing with a commercial dispute can be a minefield

International fleet telematics company, Masternaut, was developing a technological solution for insurers which included claim management and fraud detection services. Their plan was to integrate standard telematics equipment with a hosted Software-as-a-Service application and an end-user app for drivers. They worked with a specialist developer/supplier which was to receive ‘milestone payments’ as certain technological milestones were reached.

B4 Positive Steps Frank Nigriello

Positive Steps with Frank Nigriello, Chairman of Oxfordshire Business First

I’ve attended a number of webinars with large numbers of people who are talking about a new imperative for the 21st century.

B4 Postive Steps Eleanor Arscott

Positive Steps with Eleanor Arscott of Freeths

1. We have a weekly Family Wealth team magazine which has been great at keeping spirits high – it’s more about personal experiences like baking and great walks.

Positive Steps with Ben Filmer of Freeths

Positive steps with Ben Filmer of Freeths

Team Working. At first, it felt like a big change that we were no longer going to be in an office environment with colleagues in shouting distance for any queries.

Positive Steps with Philip Gray of Freeths

Positive Steps with Philip Gray, Partner at Freeths

1. Having left a firm after 20 years and joining Freeths during lockdown, you might think that this could pose a unique set of problems. Completely the opposite as whilst I have only very recently “physically” met my new colleagues after 3 months, the firm’s switch to online induction and the incredibly positive and warm welcome from all my new colleagues via Zoom; Teams; online drinks and quizzes, I have felt far more integrated within my new home than I ever thought was possible back at the end of March.

Andrew Katz Moorcrofts

As part of OpenUK, Andrew Katz collaborates with the European Commission Observatory’s report enriching content covering UK open source

As part of the OpenUK Legal and Policy Committee, Andrew Katz, Moorcrofts Joint Managing Partner and Head of Technology, in association with other lawyers and law firms involved in the committee, has collaborated with the European Commission to advise on the UK section of the EU’s Open Source Software Country Intelligence Report produced by OSOR.

Positive Steps with Nick Hughes of Dynamic Coach

Positive Steps with Nick Hughes of Dynamic Coach

Below are my 5 positive steps that I’m using with clients to bring about positive outlook and change in these challenging times.

B4 Postive Steps with Charles Stanley

Positive Steps to Recovery With… Charles Stanley – Keeping Business Going

1. Pulling Together – we have created Charles Stanley Community designed to help support staff and clients – this has helped self-isolating clients during lockdown…so we had staff supporting clients and clients supporting clients.

Cerevance helped by COEL to make their work space safe

Cerevance helped by COEL to make their work space safe

Cerevance, the cutting-edge pharmaceutical company based in Cambridge Science Park recently reached out to COEL, commercial fit out and design company based in Cambridge and Oxford for advice and help in facilitating their employees return to the workplace.

50 opportunities for a better world

Covid-19 has turned the world on its head. There has been considerable suffering as a direct result of the epidemic, as well as due to the unprecedented measures taken in response. Nevertheless, as a global community we seem to have been successful in preventing the worst. Change is possible and we can make it happen: we have insight, resilience and tools to address the next crisis.

B4 Digital Magazine Issue 62 OUT NOW||

B4 Digital Magazine – Issue 62 OUT NOW

There’s a lot of obvious things that we could all say about the last three months, the lessons learned, changing working practices, getting to know our colleagues, customers and associates better remotely than we did in person….the main thing is that we’re all focused on a positive future having experienced the biggest reboot any of us will ever go through.