£9m Project to Save Finest View in England

A massive civil engineering project to help save the ‘finest view in England’ is set to get under way at Blenheim Palace later this year.
twin town racers at Blenheim


Brendon Cross is the public face of STL, he’s also the founder of the phenomenal Twin Town charity event.

Is a good business good for business?

There is much talk these days about responsible business, and the need for greater corporate responsibility, perhaps more talk than action in many instances.

From waste to (social) wealth

Government figures estimate that five million tonnes of plastic are used each year in the UK, half of this is packaging, and just 45% of it is recycled.
Blenheim staff hand over giant cheque to loneliness charity

Blenheim staff hand over giant cheque to loneliness charity

Staff at Blenheim Palace handed over a giant cheque for £15,885 to The Archway Foundation, an Oxfordshire loneliness charity, after a year-long fundraising initiative.

Adept graphics invest in oxfordshire

The Oxfordshire business community is close-knit; we’re brought together in a big way by the B4 organisation and all of the Oxfordshire businesses that support it and each other.

Creating a SpecialEffect

There’s delighted laughter coming from the Accessible Games Room at the headquarters of Charlbury-based charity SpecialEffect.

Learning Support the role of the trustee in an education charity

Being a trustee is a serious commitment, but it’s very rewarding.

Earth Moves at Carnival 2020

This year the theme is Mother Earth to celebrate the Natural World while also drawing attention to the global issue of climate change, and carnival-goers can expect a gentler vibe with more acoustic melodic sets on the Manzil Gardens Music Stage.
The Oxfordshire Business Community Supporting Sobell House

The Oxfordshire Business Community Supporting Sobell House

Over the past three years there has been a big increase in the support Sobell House receives from the Oxfordshire business community.