Confident Shredding

Don’t lure identity theft towards your business… Your company stores information which could be a huge risk to your business in the wrong hands. According to the BBC Money Programme, the cost of identity theft in the UK is approximately £1.7bn and increasing at the phenomenal rate of 500% a year.

Focus on the future for B4

Prior to the B4 Classic Event at Rhodes House in September, 30 B4 Members from a wide range of sectors gathered to tell us what we do well and what we could do better. As part of an ongoing assessment of B4 and how we can improve what we do for our members, the next stage of the process is the formation of a B4 Advisory Board.

Jon Silversides: Head of Commercial Agency Oxford, Carter Jonas

As we push through the final quarter of the year it is heartening to be able to report strong trading activity with a particular focus on the knowledge/science based sector Whilst general confidence sometimes seems fragile, mostly related to continuing political uncertainty, Oxfordshire’s commercial fortunes appear strong, based on our take-up data and a wide range of views expressed at two recent forums hosted by Carter Jonas.