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Refer a new member to B4

Do you have a company in mind that you trust, that you think would like to join the B4 network?

Please use the form below to refer the potential new B4 member to us.


If you would like to submit another referral, please complete the form again after sending.

Membership Application & Referrals: Terms & Conditions.
Please note the following terms and conditions apply when either applying for membership or referring a potential B4 member:

1 If you are referring, you must be a B4 member at the time of doing so
2 Please allow ten working days to process all memberships and referrals
3 The B4 Policy applies at all times
4 B4 reserves the right to deny membership without disclosing its reasons for doing so
5 B4 reserves the right to decline a referral without disclosing its reasons for doing so
6 Welcome Gifts – please note:
• Referred members must sign up and pay for membership within six months of the referral being received by B4 for the welcome gift to apply
• The welcome gift may vary depending on when the referred member ultimately applies and pays for their membership
• If more than one referrer introduces a potential B4 member to the community and that person successfully applies for membership, the welcome gift will only be given to the first person (on a time and date basis) to refer that member
• Gifts are sent once the referred member has paid for their membership