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THINK PRESENTS: Christmas Day Countdown In 50 days!

I know it is only 1 day after Guy Fawkes but in 50 days Christmas will be here, so presents are a must to start thinking about around now.

At our office in Kidlington we can offer a wonderful choice of alternative presents for families and loved ones. From your wedding VHS tape beautifully prepared with bespoke artwork and printing onto the DVD to digital solutions onto Christmas USB sticks gift wrapped, ready to watch.

Childrens videos are just wonderful to watch over the festive period, not to mention listening to restored audio reel to reels and viewing CINE film from all formats. Perhaps you wish your photographic albums prepared to JPEG so you can watch on your TV.

The choices and options are varied so please do pop in or email me cheryl@oxfordduplicationcentre.com or phone 01865 457000.

Our services get very busy during this time so we alway advise that clients bring their orders in sooner rather than later. We will ensure to complete all orders before we close for the Christmas period.

Warm regards

Oxford Duplication
The Centre for Duplication, Archive and Preservation
29 Banbury Road

01865 457000

Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday 9-5pm
Friday – 9-3pm