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TBAT Innovation Ltd launch Swift R&D Online Portal

Launching on 1st July, Swift R&D, the online and interactive R&D Tax Credit portal is the latest offering from TBAT Innovation Ltd – R&D Funding and Tax Credit specialists.
With an easy 5 step process, specifically designed to make R&D Tax Credit claims as simple as possible, Swift R&D offers businesses the ease and flexibility of processing their own claim hassle-free with the guiding hand of their expert consultants.
TBAT Innovation initially decided to begin the Swift venture in 2018, to extend the offering of their knowledge and skills in the R&D Tax Credit world!
“Not all businesses can afford to engage the professional services of a consultancy to build a robust R&D Tax Credit claim.” says Director, Sam Stephens, “The Swift R&D portal provides the ideal solution – a no upfront fee service, supported by an experienced consultancy. Without a service such as Swift; businesses that are entitled to R&D Tax Credits might shy away from making a claim, due to an unaffordable fee.”
Working with a local design agency Alt Design Ltd, TBAT’s team have worked tirelessly to make Swift R&D a seamless platform for building R&D Tax Credit claims via the SME and RDEC scheme and are able to submit the relevant technical and financial reports along with the amended accounts information to HMRC on the client’s behalf.
“Launching Swift R&D has been a pinnacle point for TBAT. We are incredibly proud of the platform we have developed and are thrilled to be assisting even more businesses to claim R&D Tax Credits for the innovative work they have undertaken.” Managing Director, Matt Symonds.

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About R&D Tax Credits:
R&D Tax Credits are a HMRC inventive to reward UK businesses performing research and development in order to ‘innovate’ and develop the latest state-of-the-art technologies.
About TBAT Innovation Ltd:
TBAT Innovation offer a 360-degree approach to funding innovative R&D, offering services for the full life-cycle of any project, including Grant Funding, Private Investment, Grant Claim Management and R&D Tax Credits