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TBAT: Answering your R&D Tax Credit Queries

Our R&D Tax Consultant’s are well versed in R&D Tax Legislation and able to answer any query you may have about making an R&D Tax Credit claim.

Director of TBAT, Sam Stephens has also recorded video responses to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about R&D Tax.

Does Grant Funding affect my R&D Tax claim?
Learn more about the affect Grant Funding has on your R&D Tax Credits claim, as Sam explains what you can claim within that grant funded work, and under which scheme.
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What’s the difference between the SME & RDEC Scheme?
Discover the eligibility criteria for both the SME and RDEC scheme and which will be most beneficial depending on your business.
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Can I claim for sub-contract work I’ve been involved in?
Determine what you need to consider within the R&D work you have been sub-contracted to complete, which parts of that you can claim for and under which scheme.
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Should I use my Accountant or an R&D Tax Specialist?
Discover why using an R&D specialist such as TBAT, is essential to building a robust R&D Tax Credits claim and how we make the process of claiming as easy as possible!
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If we haven’t answered your query in any of our R&D Tax Credit videos, please feel free to get in touch with the team to discuss your question.

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