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SOLID Structures & Infrastructure acquired Howes Atkinson Crowder

Founded in 2006, Howes Atkinson Crowder (HAC) positioned themselves as engineers of distinction. Serving a wide range of clients in both structural and civil engineering capacity, HAC have developed a particularly niche service in large scale civil projects such as aggregate handling plants, water treatment works, energy from waste plants and large concrete reservoirs. Like SOLID, HAC have a valued client base and are known for their willingness to take on, and deliver, any challenge.

We are taking on much more than just a business. We plan to build on Robin Atkinson’s legacy of 45 years in service of the engineering world. Helping us to do this, are HAC’s employees, whilst Robin will remain part of our team on a consultancy basis for the foreseeable future.

This deal is a fantastic opportunity for SOLID Structures & Infrastructure as it strengthens our expertise, particularly in large civil works and adds a strategic location to our regional office network.

Sean Daly, Founding Director of SOLID, commented: “Robin and his team have excelled in delivering the right engineering solutions for their clients and have become renowned in the industry for their expertise. We’re confident that we will continue to deliver innovative solutions, unlocking the true potential of each and every project”

Robin Atkinson, Senior Partner at HAC commented: I am delighted that the HAC skills and expertise will be in good hands with SOLID and wish the new venture a bright future