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It was great to catch up with Emma recently and find out what she’s doing to build her business

1. Work your networks – invest 30 minutes every day to connect with people – old connections, old business cards you’ve never followed up, existing contacts – just get in touch and say hello.

Spend a bit of time looking at people’s profiles and who is commenting on their profiles and what they’re saying. I’ve connected with a good 50 people on LinkedIn who looked interesting and I’ve made some great contacts and had some great calls / referred work / picked brains. That’s been a real positive.

2. Ask for help – it’s not all about positive posts…a lot of people are struggling and it’s great to see the support people are providing for each other and that support is vital. A lot of business owners are in perilous positions so any help that we can provide could make the difference. I’m writing a book to provide support – I’ve had some really interesting interviews with people and the response has been phenomenal. The hard edge of business, especially in the SME market, has smoothed off and people are recognising that we’re all human beings…so don’t be afraid to reach out if you need help, by direct messaging if you don’t want to do it publicly.

3. What I’ve done today – this is a post I’ve been uploading every day. That in itself has been really useful to show my connections what I’ve been doing…this has stimulated so much response. I put a load of them together in a compilation ‘Gratitude Jar’ and it made me realise personally that, having been made redundant at the start of lockdown, I’ve done a lot to help myself and others. I’ve even had people contacting me asking where my ‘what I’ve done today’ post is! Doing things for others is a great way to stimulate positivity in yourself.

4. Using the time to reflect and thinking outside the box – think about what you love doing and what you would rather not do. It’s a great time to re-evaluate, hone processes and see what they should concentrate on moving forward. Use the time constructively to look at what you’re doing and eliminate the bad practices, or make the most out of your expertise….can you do an online course sharing your expertise, for example?

5. Get comfortable with yourself on video – hopefully it won’t be too long before we can have face to face meetings, but video conferencing won’t stop….we all need to develop the confidence to deal with other people on zoom etc…. I heard one guy was videoing himself and watched back his performances to see what he did that he shouldn’t be doing (scratching his nose too much for example) and correcting these habits. This leads to more confidence and better overall engagement, and will help you secure that next contract.