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OV LIVE: How to stimulate a faster & better economic recovery from COVID19?

Oxfordshire Voice and guest speakers take a look at how we can stimulate a faster and better economic recovery in the aftermath of COVID-19.

The economic impact of COVID-19 globally, nationally and locally will be profound. With that in mind, Oxfordshire Voice wants to work with its partners towards the best possible recovery in Oxfordshire. If contributing to the shape of that recovery interests you, you should attend our first in the regular series of OV webinars which will address the key issues affecting Oxfordshire’s economy.

A broad response will be needed to stimulate new activity and assist the transition from lockdown and social distancing to phased re-opening and beyond. This will be vital to do well and in a timely way – as we move from the COVID-19 crisis phase to that of managed recovery – with the aim of stimulating the ‘bounce back’ sooner and better for workers and businesses.

What recovery scenario we will be working in is still unclear. To this end, this OV session aims to discuss the options with a wide group of its members to build an understanding of the type of local action needed to bounce back well.