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Lawbox on the up-coming changes to the SRA regulations and how they’re helping consultancies like them, to help you!

It’s not often the word ‘regulations’ and the abbreviation ‘SRA’ warrant the attention of anyone outside of the legal profession but before your eyes glaze over and you flick to the next page I implore you to read on, as changes are afoot that could save you money, time, and effort.

Only last month Lawbox was faced with a conundrum, to be regulated or not to be regulated. Having spent a considerable amount of time and effort applying to become a fully regulated law firm by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), our application was finally accepted, professional indemnity insurance was in place, suits on, shoes polished. This was it!…Or was it?

Somehow, through this process we’d lost sight of our purpose. Too focussed on the kudos associated with becoming a fully regulated law firm and how this might attract other consultants to come and work with us, we’d failed to ask ourselves a fundamental question, ‘how does being a fully regulated law firm actually benefit our clients?!’.

Well, the changes anticipated in the new regulations coming into force on 25th November suggest that clients might actually benefit more from consultancies that aren’t tied down in red tape. In the words of the SRA’s very own Chair of Board, Anna Bradley “By stripping away outdated and unnecessary rules and giving solicitors more flexibility to design and deliver their services around their clients, our new regulations are designed to help people access a wide range of high quality services with the confidence that proper protections are in place. That can only be good for both the public and the profession.”

We won’t bore you with the details but after careful consideration we believe the SRA have made a calculated and wise decision in overhauling their regulatory handbook, paving the way for consultancies like Lawbox to transform the way clients experience legal services.

Lawbox is a legal consultancy that provides businesses with flexible in-house legal services. For more information on how we’re doing law differently and why, please visit our website: www.lawboxgroup.com