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Helping you look after your mental wellbeing whilst staying at home

Today brings us to the end of almost two weeks during which our daily routines have seen dramatic changes.

Whether you’re working from home, looking after your family, home-schooling, self-isolating or indeed suffering symptoms of coronavirus, it’s likely that you’re finding these times a little challenging to say the least.

These strange and difficult circumstances can easily have an impact on our mental well-being.

We’re experts in insurance advice – not mental health. So we’ve put together two articles with information, advice and tips from the NHS and Mind to help you and those that work for you look after your mental well-being.

These cover mental well-being whilst staying at home and providing support for your employees.

In addition, our very own Protection Adviser – Madelaine Swift – has shared her thoughts on the first week or so of lockdown. I think many of us can relate to her experience – and we hope it helps you all feel a little less alone in this.

Life inside Lockdown

Nearly two weeks into the UK Lockdown, a lot has changed for all of us, both inside and outside the home. And some of us may have struggled (I know I did) to adjust to this new –albeit temporary – lifestyle.

Whether you are home-schooling, or taking care of vulnerable and elderly loved ones, on furlough or just staying home to do your bit, the challenges that face us all are something we must overcome.

We’ll continue to provide you with useful and supportive information – particularly relating to insurance issues that arise. If there’s anything else we can help with right now, do let us know.

Best wishes

Nick Jones Cert CII
Managing Director