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Coronavirus & How We Can Help

It goes without saying that the current pandemic is causing logistical and economic challenges for organisations of all types and size. In addition to the update we issued earlier this week on how we are operating through uncertain times, I also wanted to provide an update on three ways we’re able to assist our clients and contacts.

1. Managing operations from anywhere (free access to Springg)

Springg is a tool that enables professional services organisations to sell time more effectively.

As teams are almost certainly adapting to or preparing for remote working, we have decided to offer access for new teams to Springg for free for an initial period of three months.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to manage workflow whilst the pandemic unfolds, Springg can help you to:

  • Manage business leads and prepare & issue quotes
  • Assign projects, retainers and tickets to your team
  • Log and track time to jobs and tickets
  • Prepare workflow reports
  • Prepare and issue invoices straight into Xero

It’s fully accessible online and can be used from PC, laptop and mobile devices, wherever your team happens to be.

If you would like to get set up with Springg, please email us at hello@indulgemedia.com and we will be in touch to arrange your access.

2. Communicating with your customers

If you are in the position of needing to provide an update to your customers, we are able to deliver alerts and banners on websites, including Drupal, WordPress and Shopify.

3. Adapting to a new way of working

Organisations fortunate enough to continue to operate during a lockdown are likely to be uncovering new challenges with remote working. If you need help establishing new digital applications that move your information and/or workflow online, we are on hand to advise and deliver solutions.

We are working to prioritise projects that deliver digital solutions and apps that help our clients to operate and deliver services online.

For any assistance please contact us at hello@indulgemedia.com or call our studios on 01481 740073 (Guernsey) or 01865 686093 (UK).