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B4 LIVE with Ian Woollard

The Future of Money with Ian Woollard

The Virus Pandemic led to a £200bn issue of government bonds to the Bank Of England. My talk will help understand why this happened and what are the implications.

The Evolution of Money
The Creation of the Central Bank and the role of Statute
A History of The United States and The creation of the Federal Reserve
Ian’s ethos is to train their ambitious and talented team (of accountants) in more than just technical aspects but to consider the role of the markets and regulatory systems in which their clients operate.

Ian has a passion for real education which, he feels goes above and beyond mainstream teaching lead by his passion for MPE™. Nothing controls the human race more than money so its role in our modern civilisation is more important then it ever has been. But do we really know where money comes from and who or what controls the money system

Suitable for: Anyone in debt who wants to understand why and what happens next.