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B4 LIVE Talking Travel with Sian Pages and Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies

Talking travel, fast & curious style – sharing our experiences, favourite places and destinations and answering your armchair travel questions over a glass of your favourite tipple.

Two travel experts. Two different perspectives. Two separate experiences of the world. Part of the one same network, the one same industry. Brought together by both.

Sian is a travel planning consultant connecting you with the world’s best travel providers and helping you create the holidays of your dreams.

Kate is a travel industry commentator and marketing consultant who has been helping travel brands grow through PR and marketing for more than 15 years.

Not all business has to be work related. Let’s have some fun from our individual lockdowns while Sian and Kate talk about the industry they live and breathe – travel. Combining personal and professional perspectives, let’s have some armchair travel fun together.

In advance of the talk next week, please send the following to B4 at info@b4-business.com

Your travel destination questions – we’ll answer them if we can.
Share with us your favourite destinations and experiences and we’ll talk about them too. Send us a photo of your favourite travel destination and we’ll get you on to discuss why it’s so special to you.