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B4 LIVE: ESOX – New low carbon hub programme

Find out how effective an ‘energy services’ approach can be in reducing your organisation’s energy bills and reliance on traditional fuel sources. Hear how other organisations have used this approach to great success.

The Low Carbon Hub has for many years supported organisations across Oxfordshire with advice and funding to help reduce both energy consumption and contributions to climate change. It has now launched its latest programme, Energy Solutions Oxfordshire, (ESOx) to accelerate this transformation and to enable even more organisations to improve their resilience through reduced energy bills and greater on-site energy generation. Commercial buildings account for 40% of energy used in Oxfordshire, so local business has an important role to play developing sustainable strategies to help achieve our climate change goals, whilst in the process benefiting from the greater resilience this brings.

Through this relaxed session we aim to provide real examples of success and show how an energy services approach through ESOx can help you overcome some of the barriers and pitfalls that may be encountered along the way. This session will be introduced by experts from the Low Carbon Hub and will be a truly interactive session with information relevant to most Oxfordshire businesses, charities and social enterprises. You will go away knowing the wide range of opportunities available to you.