Want to build a future-ready business, capable of delivering sustainable success? Look no further…

In an unprecedented period of change for businesses, it has never been more important for business leaders to fine-tune their organisations for agility.

In Future-Proof Your Business, world-renowned Applied Futurist Tom Cheesewright shares important tools that will help you to predict future trends within your industry, collect and analyse data to recognise early indicators of change, and convert that foresight into rapid action.

Drawing on his own experience, as well as experience and insights from industry authorities and case studies from thriving organisations around the world, Tom Cheesewright will help you see the future more clearly and respond with innovation – helping you to stay ahead of your competitors. Tom shares why adaptability is more important that optimization, that networks of building bricks provide an agile model for future-proofing businesses and explains why interfaces within your network need to be as friction-free as possible.

Particularly important for our uncertain times, the author lays out why it is important to keep a watchful eye on opportunities and risks on the near and far horizons, and why you need to understand the different values in each.
Suitable for start-up entrepreneurs and CEOs of large organisations, Future-Proof Your Business gives a practical set of tools to help plan better, make decisions faster and structure your organisation for agility. The book will develop the critical skills for the leaders of tomorrow by enhancing their foresight and decision-making abilities.

Further information
Tom Cheesewright is an Applied Futurist, helping people and organisations around the world to see the future more clearly, share their vision, and respond with innovation. An accomplished speaker and broadcaster, he specialises in connecting tomorrow’s world to today’s experience, making sense of what’s happening next, and why.
Tom’s clients include global 500 corporations, government departments, industry bodies and charities. Notable clients include: Accenture, BMW, HSBC and Sony. Tom is also the author of High Frequency Change which was published in 2016 and was shortlisted for the Business Book of the Year Award 2020 in the Leadership for the Future Category.

Book of the Future

Future business is about sustainable success, in every sense.

Tom Cheesewright

Applied Futurist

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