Want More Sales? Want to Take More Sales Action?

Business Owners and Professionals Responsible For Sales wanted for Sales Energy Day Trial

Is this you?

Do you ever say that you are going to do some business development tasks and somehow you don’t get round to them?

Are you guilty of procrastinating?

Would accountability make you do it?

Sales Energy Days involve you doing your own sales activity, at the same time as others.

You will be held accountable with a simple formula to follow.

The session contains two short Zoom video calls, one to get set up and one to review achievements at the end of the session.

You will also be encouraged to take a brisk walk before you start.

What can you use this day for?

Make calls to prospective clients, past clients, existing clients, proposal follow ups, reaching out to contacts and more.

You decide.

Commit to a Sales Energy Day and make sure you make sales happen.

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The Walking Business Coach

Your Walking Business Coach will walk side by side with you, listening, prompting and guiding you to find your best way forward.

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