The Sustainable Development Goals and your business

So, you may or may not have heard of the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDG’s. What are they, how do they relate to your business and what opportunities do they open up for you?

Oxford Wood Recycling is hosting an interactive and engaging session on Tuesday 19th February at their Abingdon works to explore this increasingly important topic.

The 2030 SDG’s Game was designed in Japan in 2016 and the experience has become a powerful and impactful social phenomenon there, earning extensive media coverage and reaching over 30,000 participants last year.

It has now arrived in the UK and having been enthused after taking part in a previous event, Oxford Wood Recycling CEO Richard Snow was so enthused and inspired he decided to organise this event. He explained, “The SDGs provide an inspirational global context for our environmental and social objectives and the Game provides a great opportunity for us to engage further with our local community”.

Attendance is by ticket only, available on Eventbrite:

OWR is a popular and award winning social enterprise, helping to protect our natural environment and relieving unemployment among people facing barriers to working. Find out more about by visiting their website:

Pictured: Richard Snow, CEO, Oxford Wood Recycling


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Grant Hayward

Founder & Director

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