“The Secret Language of Leadership” with 4iforum and world-renowned speech writer Simon Lancaster

On 4th March from 12 – 2pm, Business Bollox client 4iforum hosts its third Symposium “The Secret Language of Leadership” with Keynote and Q&A with top speech writer Simon Lancaster, who writes for FTSE 100 CEOs and Prime Ministers. It offers an opportunity to reflect, refine and reset, ready for the months ahead.

The past 12 months has firmly put the spotlight on the effectiveness of political and business leaders’ communication skills, both in terms of style and content.
Political leaders have had to inspire nations to deal with unprecedented lifestyle restrictions during the global pandemic. Business leaders have had to rally their colleagues to overcome very challenging business environments. During times of volatility and uncertainty people follow those people they trust.

So how do leaders communicate in a way that inspires other to action?

They use the Language of Leadership: a secret set of verbal, vocal and physical cues to signify power which has remained largely unchanged throughout the course of history. This secret code originated in ancient rhetoric but it still determines who rises to the top in politics and business today.

Join the 4iforum disruptors and industry peers as Simon drawn upon cutting-edge neuroscience, including the very recent research around mirror neurons, to create the definitive guide to the Language of Leadership. Exploring techniques such as metaphors, story-telling and sound-bites, the Language of Leadership is a simple, practical, holistic guide to the art of communication which will give you everything you need to become instantly more influential and inspiring.

During the Symposium, Simon will unravel the misunderstood processes around how the human brain processes incoming communication. The session will explore how great communicators build support by progressively appealing to the instinctive, emotional and logical parts of the brain.

By the end of the session, attendees will be equipped to think and act differently when communicating in the future.

Like Business Bollox, 4iforum was set up during the first lockdown of 2020, and exists to support business growth and transformation, by thinking differently. The 4i Symposium aims to uncover new thinking about a major field in the world of work. It aims to bring all supporters and patrons of the 4iforum together to learn from, question, and engage with a world-renowned leader in that field.

Spaces are limited, so reserve your place at: https://4iforum.com/forum/symposium-the-secret-language-of-leadership/

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