The opportunity to connect has never been greater, more valuable, or more necessary

These are unprecedented times which only seem to be getting stranger and more challenging by the day.

All of us here at Urban Element ( things are as well as they can be for you and your business right now.

We understand the impact that COVID-19 may be having on your business, and that’s why we want to let you know that we are here to support and advise as best as we can.

With normality set to be disrupted for the foreseeable, where does this leave your business? and have you planned accordingly?

In light of the current circumstances, we’re offering a FREE Digital Marketing Guide which details everything you need to know about marketing in a new world, on lockdown.

Consider it as our gift to you.

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Give your website a Sanity Check

We are all reacting in our businesses as best as we can with COVID-19 and the Government guidelines. However, are you looking at the data and analysing what impact COVID-19 is having on your business?

How can we help?

We don’t want you to lose your marbles over your website and digital marketing. That is why we’re offering an in-depth Site Sanity Check service that will provide you with a clearer understanding of your website’s value.

This service includes; Google Analytics analysis, keyword research, page speed optimisation, and ensuring your website is fit for mobile devices.

Through taking this holistic approach to your digital strategy it allows us to uncover the real issues that are holding your website back and provide you with sound recommendations to better improve your website and online marketing.

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Communicating your COVID-19 message

Empathetically communicating your COVID-19 message and temporary service to your staff, customers, and potential customers is now as important as ever.

How can we help?

We want to ensure that you are communicating your service, message, and plans across your digital assets.

Whether it’s website banners, social media graphics, or blog posts, we can support you in whatever way you chose to communicate with your audience.

Maybe you need to change your digital strategy entirely…

It may well be that the COVID-19 virus is going to have a greater impact on your business than others. Are you already thinking and implementing drastic measures for operating in the short and long term future?

Any changes to your product and/or service offering will have an impact on your digital marketing and digital assets. We could work with you to ensure that you convey and market your new way of business practice across your website and digital channels.

The best way to find out how we can directly help you and your business is to get in touch and discuss your future digital plans with us.

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