SpecialEffect April Update

Case Study: “Archiebot has been the best thing”

Archie is a gaming-mad young man who has been isolated at home for over a year due to medication and treatment for an injury relating to a genetic condition. Even when his school reopened in the autumn and spring, he wasn’t able to attend lessons and spend time with his friends. Find out how our BubbleBusters project has enabled him to join in with his friends again and keep up to date with his schoolwork – full story here.

Featured: The StrideQuest adventure begins!

What an amazingly positive response to our newest virtual fitness challenge event #StrideQuest. Over fifty awesome people have signed up already and challenged themselves to walk 50 or 100 miles in this Dungeons & Dragons/RPG-inspired adventure. Turn your regular exercise into an adventure to remember this Spring with StrideQuest. Find out more and sign up here!


Using alternative controllers on PS5

We often find that alternative controllers benefit the people we support. This recent post from our gameaccess.info website takes you through the process of setting up a Titan Two adapter for use with a PS5, so you can use a wider range of controllers – such as the Xbox Adaptive Controller – when playing PS5 games.


We put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games.

Nick Streeter


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