Professional Broadcast Tape Conversions to Archive Quality Formats

Preservation archive transfer services for capturing content from professional broadcast tapes and converting to new digital formats can conver the following specifications:

10 bit uncompressed files in either AVI or Quicktime codecs. Pro-Res 422, FFV1, H.264 MOV, H.264 MP4, DVD and Blu-Ray discs. These can be converted to storage media, cloud or your own server. We can support both PAL and NTSC tape formats for DVCam, MiniDV, HDV, Betacam SP SX, Digibeta, Sony IMX, DVCPro, VHS, U-Matic.

Pro-Res 422 HQ
Pro-Res 422
10bit Uncompressed AVI
Avid DNxHD

These can be delivered on the following media: External Hard Drive, USB Flash Drive, DVD Data Disc, Blu-Ray Data Disc, Upload to Server

Please contact our office on 01865 457000 to discuss your broadcast requirements.

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