Positive Steps with Eleanor Arscott of Freeths

1. We have a weekly Family Wealth team magazine which has been great at keeping spirits high – it’s more about personal experiences like baking and great walks.

We’ve been particularly busy in the team so it’s been great to have some light relief each week and to stay connected to colleagues…and get to know them better.

2. In the absence of face-to-face networking and professional events we have focused on how we can be present virtually. We have an articles rota for the Family Wealth team which has been great at drawing together the broad spectrum of expertise across our offices to send out regular updates on social media. It has helped keep us informed and I have certainly enjoyed the new perspectives and ideas in each article.

3. We have embraced a stubbornly positive attitude towards tackling challenges of the ‘new normal’ – we have met clients on nearly every virtual platform (including the odd traditional phone call) and even arranged several virtual capacity assessments for clients. One virtual capacity assessment went before the court in a recent hearing and was approved – a success for our client and a success for the team’s persistence.

4. We have obviously been very careful to protect clients and staff at all times, so where face to face meetings have been essential we have followed all of the government advice to make everyone safe and feel comfortable. The silver lining for those having these meetings is that many have been outside in parks and client gardens – so colleagues have been able to enjoy the sunshine!

5. Not having to commute to work has really changed the way I divide work and home. I’ve used the time I would be commuting to focus on my own health and wellbeing – I even managed to complete the couch to 5k. I think moving forward we will keep working flexibly because it allows us to achieve so much.

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Stewart Elliston

Principal BD Manager

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