Positive Steps to Recovery With… Rachel Foord of Verve Creative Solutions

5 Steps: Working on growing your business:

1. Make the mind shift to say what you do say you are the marketer of what you do – spend 90 minutes of your day marketing your business / business development

2. Make sure you’ve optimised all of your marketing pillars – google my business, engage better with LinkedIn etc… all of the basics that everyone should have in place

3. Have you reviewed your marketing material – is it up to date, current, compelling USP, have you got a call to action?

4. Most positive step – have you kept in touch and provided thought leadership to your customers? A lot of companies have disappeared and not kept in contact

5. Know your numbers! Know what it costs to acquire a customer, know your customer lifetime value and what you’re spending on marketing


Verve Creative Solutions

Verve Creative provide design expertise in three key areas; design and print, large format graphics and digital each delivered with creative insight and clear methodology.

Rachel Foord

Marketing Accelerator

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