Positive Steps to Recovery, with… Nick Breakspear of Royal Cars

1. Reduced rent for drivers so they don’t need to earn as much. We have been further reducing discounts on base rent for drivers who don’t have as good a week as they would do.

2. Given drivers free PPE

3. We are the only company in Oxford that has Perspex screens in the cars – we have 70 cars with Perspex screens in – we had to get permission from the council to install these. There are loads of different types so we had to get Council’s permission that they were safe and were fixed and did the job required. The one we went with was approved by council.

4. Given loans to drivers who are struggling.

5. We have prioritised drivers during lockdown who were driving NHS staff and other key workers / free pick-ups of shopping over 65 so they were rewarded for the efforts they put in during lockdown.

Royal Cars

We are Oxfordshire’s first choice of transport operative since 1991, and over the past 2 years have been locally and nationally commended both within the taxi trade and by our most esteemed critics, the general public.

Nick Breakspear

Business Development Manager

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