Positive Steps to Recovery With… Kate Del Nevo of Bodleian Libraries

1. Contract Reassurance. University of Oxford and the venues have adopted a pandemic / COVID-19 clause which will give clients some reassurance about our responsibilities and their responsibilities.

2. Risk Assessments
As a university we have put a huge amount of work into this – all staff know their working conditions, all processes have been thought through thoroughly so that all of the protocols (university and government) are being followed to the letter.

3. Guidelines
We will be putting together customer guidelines in the form of a guidance document and a video so clients know what to expect when they come on site and what the routes are through the building. These things will change over time as requirements change, but this is a clear way to manage expectations and ensure our customers are comfortable.

4. Communication
Our offices have been open throughout…we have had virtual show rounds and can now have limited number physical / on site show rounds. All of our communications are backed up by documents and also very active social media activity. We are also communicating future expectations which is clearly a moving landscape. We understand that this is challenging for everyone so the more we talk the better.

5. Confidence
We want to make sure our clients have confidence in use that we won’t take risks. We want to work with our clients to build trust and confidence and we won’t do anything to risk anyone’s safety or reputation.

Bodleian Library

The Bodleian Library first opened its doors to students and scholars in 1602 and now offers three historic rooms of different sizes, each with its own unique character.

Kate Del Nevo

Venue Hire and Marketing Manager

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