How visionary publishing company Archant became ahead of the crowd with help from COEL

COEL delivered an exceptional working space for progressive publishing company Archant while navigating lockdown. Through careful orchestration, clarity on the plan of action and open communication with clients, the project was to deliver a new style of working was delivered in time and on budget.

Throughout lockdown and into the Summer months, COEL has been hard at work to help deliver Archant their enterprising vision of consolidating three working floors into one spacious, light-filled area with different work designated zones.

Archant has been ahead of the crowd is changing the way it wanted to work as the organisation understood employees would increasingly be seeking more autonomy in the way they work and where they operate from. While recognising less space may be needed, this now placed more emphasis on getting the working area spot-on. It had to be enticing and attractive, lend itself to collaboration and team dynamics, but at the same time employ all the new guidelines to help safeguard staff and minimise the risk of infection.

Space planning was key and eye-catching furniture was cleverly choreographed to create clearly defined working zones.

A natural colour palette was adopted depicting soft hues of calming grey, green and blue with the occasional illuminating pop of sunshine yellow.

Thoughtful positioning of sleek and elegant task lighting influences and aids specific requirements.

These dynamic design elements combine to set the stage for this sophisticated and appealing workplace. Dee Wilmott, Chief People and Transformation Officer for Archant said;

“After a careful selection process COEL was chosen to partner with Archant to provide Design and Build services for our new office space in Norwich. As part of the ongoing changes within Archant, we took the bold step to reduce our office footprint from 85,000 square feet to 29,000 square feet and embrace a radically different way of working. COEL’s in-house skillset and experience in agile working environments provided us with the comfort that the changes implemented were in line with our strategies and company goals. I was impressed with the level of commitment from the whole COEL team in delivering the project in time and on budget, despite the majority of the project programme falling in the middle of Covid-19 lockdown. Our staff love their new office space and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend COEL.”


With over 30 years’ experience in design and fit-out, COEL delivers innovative workplace solutions.

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