G-Smatt to design and install multiple G-Tainer structure for Boomtown 2018

G-Smatt Europe, the organisation behind the G-Tainer, a combination of smart glass and a steel modular system, will be supplying and installing 12 of these units at this year's Boomtown Festival.

This is the 10th incarnation of the festival, which runs for 4 days in August, and brings together music, immersive art, theatre and performance.

Orhan Ertughrul, Executive Vice President, G-Smatt Europe, said; “We are really excited about being part of this event, which is recognised for pushing the boundaries of creativity. Our G-Tainers will be used to form Bang Hai Technologies, the headquarters of the “in world” Bang Hai Corporation and the hub for their digital innovations. During the day, it will be a fully immersive interactive venue and a key component to the sit wide theatrical role play game. At night, the glass will become an advertising beacon for all things Bang Hai and a showcase for the festival’s overarching narrative.”

“We have a reputation for presenting new and exciting acts and technologies at Boomtown so when we saw just what G-Smatt could deliver in terms of interactivity and creativity we really wanted to get them involved,” said Natalie Smith, Creative Producer and Production Manager for the event. The creative process is already underway and we are confident that visitors to Bang Hai Towers are going to be in for an amazing and memorable experience.”

Compelling media content, advertising, information and interaction are all possible with G-Tainers or G-Walls, and their inclusion enables the incorporation of stunning media displays. They may pulse in time to the music, mimic the movement of your customers, display beautiful, eye-catching dynamic art, act as a large-scale platform for gaming or just be used to deliver high impact advertising for a brand. G-Tainers are available both to buy or for hire and G-SMATT’s experienced team of designers and installers provide all the necessary support from transportation and installation through to assisting with the development of appropriate media content to creating a unique brand experiential installation. The units can be installed individually or combined in a multiple container construction for a larger pavilion or a ‘pop up venue.

Boomtown Fair is a four-day festival set in the Matterley bowl in Hampshire, UK on the second weekend of August. Now heading into its 10th chapter, Boomtown fuses a diverse line-up of underground and global music with boundary pushing immersive art, theatre and performance coming together as a living, breathing, fictitious city.

Made up of 14 fully immersive districts Boomtown follows a storyline that evolves each year to create a world within a world. Boomtown is a theatrically-led experience like no other with hundreds of actors bringing the film-like street sets to life. Citizens are encouraged to become their inner character and be a part of the story themselves.

Boomtown remains a proudly independent festival that has managed to keep a sense of community and unity despite being one of the fastest growing festivals on the circuit. Citizens travel from across the globe to experience one of the most diverse line-ups and most ground breaking theatrical concepts on offer, collectively celebrating underground music in a totally immersive world.

Company Profile

G-SMATT is a Korean company that produces an innovative digital smart glass product. Launched in 2013 the company now has offices in five countries. The company believes in the transformation of the digital city scape with compelling architectural media and interactivity. Its innovative, building grade, laminated media glass provides full transparency and rich media capability. This allows developers and architects to provide a new way for people to experience and enjoy their buildings and the surrounding urban spaces without compromising on the aesthetic beauty of their original design. In the new world of the Internet of Things it also allows for unparalleled connectivity and integration, a key in the development of the smart city. G-SMATT produces both architectural and exhibition products and received the LCA 2017 Award for Technological Innovation of the Year.

For more information & video links https://www.g-smatteurope.com/products/events

G-SMATT Europe

Create. Inform. Amaze. G-SMATT provides truly transparent, construction-grade glass that comes alive with rich media.

Dr Orhan Ertughrul

Managing Director

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