Book Scanning Service

We provide a leading Book Scanning Service in Oxfordshire and the UK. From a single book or a library our technicians can support all your orders.

Established for over 10 years our digitising and archival services are perfect for all corporate and private clients. With dedicated document and book scanners to A0 wide format digitising, there is not much that we cannot convert.

We can scan all types of books, bound or not, modern or old, high or low quality, pictures and photographs in both colour or greyscale with resolutions upto 600dpi in PDF, TIFF,JPEG or any format that you require.

We provide a fully supportive OCR service which is in high demand. Our system can support and train specialist archive books to bulk document scanning services.

We offer 2 processes. Destructive; whereby we remove the spine and feed the documents through our fast scanner or non-destructive which will entail us returning your book intact.

Please contact me: 01865 457000 or email

Oxford Duplication Centre

Digitisation specialists within audio, video, film, image and text.

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