As part of OpenUK, Andrew Katz collaborates with the European Commission Observatory’s report enriching content covering UK open source

As part of the OpenUK Legal and Policy Committee, Andrew Katz, Moorcrofts Joint Managing Partner and Head of Technology, in association with other lawyers and law firms involved in the committee, has collaborated with the European Commission to advise on the UK section of the EU’s Open Source Software Country Intelligence Report produced by OSOR.

The European Commission’s Open Source Observatory (OSOR) shares intelligence reports giving insights into the position of open source in each EU Member State and the United Kingdom, covering policy approaches that each government has adopted as well as major past and current projects. The country reports support a comprehensive study underway across the EU that will help policy makers, business owners and individuals spot trends and strengths around open source, identify areas for improvement and to share best practices.

The EU’s Open Source Software Country Intelligence Report covers attitudes to open source across continent, and highlights UK opportunities for open technology, as well as the UK Government’s strong history of promoting the use of open source software.

Andrew Katz, Partner at Moorcrofts LLP, commented, “The OSOR UK Report provides an overview of how the UK has viewed open source in the past, as well as how the country can benefit from open source as a whole. OpenUK’s inclusion as the UK’s key actor promoting open technologies both within the UK and internationally demonstrates how the organisation can help advise on those future decisions around open technology and open data.”

Amanda Brock, CEO of OpenUK, has more than a dozen years of experience understanding the legal issues surrounding open source, having previously set up and run Canonical’s legal team. “The UK Government is at an exciting juncture in our history and the UK’s place in the technology sector is at a crossroads. There has never been a more important time in the decision-making process, so it is important that the right decisions are made. Whether it’s the use of OpenRAN in 5G or open sourcing our track and trace app, the UK Government has demonstrated that it understands the need to be open in order to deliver market growth and take advantage of opportunities for collaboration. It is critical that any legal and policy decisions around open source have an understanding of the wider industry and economic position around technology, so they can account for that in the future. OpenUK welcomes opportunity to support that activity, and this contribution to the OSOR UK Report is an essential part of this approach.”

Chris Eastham, Chair of OpenUK’s Legal & Policy Committee, said “As ever, I’m grateful to all who give up their time to support this work, as well as the other ongoing projects to further OpenUK’s mission. Whilst not common, this kind of collaboration between experts from various firms, sectors, and backgrounds can really make an impact.”

Toby Crick, Partner at Bristows and member of OpenUK’s Legal & Policy Committee said “It’s great to see OpenUK’s contribution in the OSOR Report highlighting the importance of Government-led open technology in the UK and the benefits of free and open software. As lawyers with clients who make, and use, open source technologies, we think that this report will be a great resource for the global communities in the open source space: developers, business owners, consultants and policy makers alike.”

The Legal & Policy Committee at OpenUK comprises a number of private practice and in-house lawyers and legal and policy experts from various organisations, which enables us to bring a broad range of expertise to the table. Part of its mission is to promote understanding in matters relating to open technology across individuals, enterprise, and the public sector. Collaborating with OSOR in the development of the report supports this aim, identifying some of the key actors and initiatives in the UK as well as the policy framework that supports this current approach.

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