A Call For Digital Transformation

Now more than ever we should be thinking carefully about how our records, media and analogue materials should be accessed in times of restricted access. With media on-line this allows archives to be stored safely and their digital counterpart used for accessing.

No longer is there the difficulty of trying to access important academic work, corporate documents or AV film formats that simply cannot be accessed without being present in a room.

With the security of on-line platforms, your digital media can be stored on efficient databases that can be easily accessible within minutes of logging in. We believe the time for digitisation is more important than ever to ensure companies, corporations, museums, libraries, historical societies, scientific sectors and private clients can constantly access their archives.

Digitisation is the ‘process of changing from analogue to digital format’.
This creates digital data without any changes to the original, allowing you the freedom to organise an archive in your cloud or business purpose. Technology is changing. We are moving more efficiently towards on-line facilities for our marketing and sales. So, it makes sense to ensure your important documents and media are easily accessed, especially if they have started deteriorating due to age or storage issues.

Today’s world is fast becoming a more informed society. We can more easily search on on-line platforms for the information that we require. And if that search cannot find what you are looking for then Oxford Duplication can support this digitisation with affordable and professional transfer services from all areas of audio, video, film, image and text.

We have been working with one of our corporate audio clients for several years archiving their vast catalogue of audio reel-to-reel tapes. A highly valuable order which holds some of the rarest audio tracks from bygone eras that need to be digitised to help preserve the music. This will then be uploaded to their server and presented on-line for customers to purchase licences of the tracks they require.

One of our clients is The Oxfordshire Family History Society (OFHS). Our role is to support them with their digitisation to ensure professional high-quality scans that can be easily accessible online. Orders include working with parchment documents, microfilm, old valuable books, large scale maps and other media that require archiving.

The difference between providing an on-line digitisation service to an archival one is the file format and size. Video archival files can be converted into 10-bit AVI that guarantee to extract all the information held on media tapes such as U-Matic or Betacam tapes. These are fast becoming a rare format with machines to convert these few and far between. At Oxford Duplication we maintain rare working examples of all these machines to support our clients.
Other orders include rare map scanning which are digitised to uncompressed TIFF files. It is important to know the difference between formats otherwise our clients would receive inferior scans that could never be used for archival purposes.

Clients typically are historical societies, Universities, and museums. We do prepare many orders for private collectors. One recent order was 3000 glass plate negatives that needed to be handled extremely carefully. We were particularly proud as we were recommended for this order.

Our services offer 3 departments that can oversee your digitisation. We can support you with up-front costs for digitisation works, offer constant quality-checking and metadata if required. This allows you to freedom to estimate your up-front costs of converting your media to digital formats.

Our departments offer:

• CD DVD USB Duplication, Printing and Packaging, Fulfilment and Design Support
• Audio Video Conversion and Transfers of Audio and Video to Include Rare Formats and Broadcast Tapes
• Archiving Department – Offering Services Within Film, Image and Text

We are constantly growing and offering new services, including our new floppy disc extraction suite, which is perfect for 5.25” diskettes, 3.5” floppy discs, Iomega Jaz discs and Iomega 100- & 250-disc extractions. Coupled with our archival and preservation equipment we can extract complicated discs in formats that can be stored for future use.


• CD DVD USB Duplication, Printing and Packaging Services
• Family Tapes, Mini DV, Hi8, VHS-C VHS, Mini DVD
• Vinyl LPs, Rare Pathe Discs, Voice O Graphs, 78’s
• Audio Cassettes and Micro Cassettes
• Data Transfer of floppy discs and preservation services
• Photograph scanning for corporate and consumers
• Cine film of all formats 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm films
• 35mm & 16mm Microfilm, Aperture Cards and Fiche
• Corporate Tape Transfers of U-Matic, HDCam, Betacam, DVCam and rare formats
• 35mm Slides and Negatives, Medium Format Film, Transparencies & X-Rays
• Document and Book Scanning
• Artwork and Wide Format Scanning


Please contact me on 01865 457000 or email cheryl@oxfordduplicationcentre.com

Oxford Duplication Centre

Digitisation specialists within audio, video, film, image and text.

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