Talking About Autism

In this episode of Let's Talk Mental Health with Mel Noton, Mel and special guests Mandy Aulak and Kimberley Ashwin discuss autism and coping with neuro-diverse conditions.

Mel and guests will be discussing the realities of live for those coping with neuro-diverse conditions (in themselves, as a family or for staff as either of these). The number of young people coming forward and accurately getting a diagnosis is rapidly increasing – This is our future business community and the more we can do to break down barriers the better.

Mandy and Kimberley are both mothers of autistic children, and also professionals working with Autism. Kimberley is a Learning Disability Nurse and now works in Autism Oxford, and Mandy is a lawyer and co-runs a specialist Special Educational Needs & Disability firm specialising in SEND and employment law.

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