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In this episode of The Innovation Toolkit, a series exploring tools to help businesses face the challenges of a post-COVID world, Stephen Spencer is joined by John Barford as they discuss the sixth part of the POSITIVE Compass tool: V for Verdict.

Verdict represents the results we get from what we are doing – whether we measure them or not!

With 30 years’ experience in Business Strategy and Commercial Development across culture, heritage, charities, specialist retail and hospitality, John Barford helps business by identifying and developing strategy, scenario planning, business modelling, supporting change and leading or advising on operational delivery.

About The Innovation Toolkit with Stephen Spencer

There’s reopening, then there’s building back better, then there’s creating a sustainable long-term future, for our communities, our destinations and for our businesses. The Innovation Toolkit will introduce inspirational people, practical case studies, and innovation-led techniques to foster an innovation mindset and motivate the audience to take action, together, to build forward better.

The Innovation Toolkit is designed to facilitate business journeys from crisis/stagnation to a new sustainable future, via the application of tools and techniques including:

  • POSITIVE Compass – a diagnostic tool designed to create a rounded view of the organisation’s current position, challenges and assets. The eight-step process can be facilitated or done as a self-assessment, covering the following:
    • Purpose – finding your Why? Mission, vision and values
    • Organisation – fit for (a changed) purpose?
    • Service – what is your value proposition for customers?
    • Innovation – how adaptable are you? How much change is needed?
    • Team – who do you rely on to deliver your value proposition?
    • Incentive – how effective are your reward and recognition programmes?
    • Verdict – what results are you achieving? How will you measure success?
    • Energy – how will you drive and sustain momentum?
  • Experience Explorer – an innovation process matching assets to consumers and business models, leading to reimagined business with new energy and built for sustainability
  • InSite – providing a framework and expertise to build a new model, using innovative systems thinking, enabling the new strategy to be implemented with maximum effectiveness and long-term viability.

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