B4 Gary Bloom Podcast

B4 One: Interview with Gary Bloom, Sports Psychotherapist & Broadcaster

B4 Interview Gary Bloom about advice for dealing with the Health and Wellbeing.

B4 cllr Ian Hudspeth Podcast

B4 One: Interview with Cllr Ian Hudspeth of Oxfordshire County Council

B4 Interview Cllr Ian Hudspeth on the Wellbeing of residents and staff in a post COVID world.

B4 Megan Carter Podcast

B4 One: The importance of wellbeing for employees in this climate

B4 talked to Megan Carter from Blenheim about looking after staff through the pandemic.

B4 Sridhar Iyengar Podcast

B4 One: How to achieve workplace wellbeing with a disparate workforce

Sridhar Iyengar from Zoho Corporation talks to B4 about the challenges of dealing with COVID and the benefits of using Zoho for your company.

B4 Podcast with Tony Hobbs of Chapman Robinson & Moore

B4 Podcast: Webinar with Tony Hobbs ‘One size does not fit all’

Adjusting your business plan to meet changing market conditions, sometimes called right-sizing the business, is not just about cutting costs.

podcast Helen joy

B4’s Emma Gasgoine talks to Helen Joy of ANPR Consulting

In this episode B4’s Emma Gasgoine talks to Helen Joy of ANPR Consulting about the current situation with coronavirus.

podcast mike feerick

B4 Inspiration: Interview with Mike Feerick

Mike discusses his journey as a social entrepreneur, and some of the key learnings he has picked up along the way. He can discuss how to build a financially successful business focused on meeting a huge global social need.

podcast Phil southall

Interview with Phil Southall of Oxford Bus Company

Emma Gascoigne speaks with Phil Southall of Oxford Bus Company.

podcast Richard rosser

B4 Podcast: Interview with Richard Rosser

Emma Gascoigne talks with Richard Rosser of b4 magazine.

podcast jarl severn

B4 Podcast: Interview with Jarl Severn

Richard Rosser of B4 talks to Jarl Severn, Managing Director at Owen Mumford

podcast Megan carter

B4 Podcast: Apprenticeships Week

It’s Apprenticeships Week and we’re joined by: Mel Ringer of Oxlep, Paddy Patterson of the Apprenticeship Intermediary Service and Megan Carter of Blenheim Palace.

podcast Dominic hare grant hayward

B4 podcast: An interview with Dominic Hare & Grant Hayward

Can a business thrive if it’s not challenging itself to be more responsible?