B4 Interview with Tim Vorley, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Oxford Brookes Business School

We’re joined by Tim Vorley, the Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean at Oxford Brookes Business School. As a social science researcher, Tim’s work focuses predominantly on entrepreneurship, innovation and regional development. Tim is currently leading a number of large projects:

• The Innovation Caucus is jointly funded by the ESRC and Innovate UK to promote the impact of social science research in shaping innovation policies, programmes and practice. See www.innovationcaucus.co.uk

• NextGenPSF is a project funded under the Industrial a Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) focuses on promoting the AI readiness of legal and accountancy firms by focusing on organisational and institutional factors. See www.nextgenpsf.co.uk

• The Productivity Insights Network is a flagship investment of the ESRC that has promoted social science wide engagement with the UK Productivity Puzzle as well as working with policymakers and businesses. See www.productivityinsightsnetwork.co.uk

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