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Rachel Foord

Company Verve Creative Solutions

Rachel Foord


Are you disillusioned with your marketing because it is just not working? Are you currently sitting at home, wondering how your business is going to survive? Now is the time to start working on your business so you are ready when we come out on the other side, because there will be business to be had, and those companies who have stayed visible and added value will be the businesses that benefit.

Are you still struggling to discover how to become the go-to business and create your positioning as we move through 2020, especially at the moment?Is marketing becoming more and more of a foreign language to you?We work with you to create GREAT MARKETING for your business that JUST WORKS.Common sense marketing, going back to basics, understanding the strategy that’s what we do, then the tactics come next – and customers.No marketing guru stuff, just sensible guidance.

Because in any business, nothing happens until someone buys somethingAnd the reason why so few business grow is because the owner gets stuck at getting and keeping enough customersYour ability to make enough sales, at the right margins determines where your business – and your lifestyle – ends up.The Problem?Most businesses are started by a Practitioner.You’re good at what you do, you love doing it, it’s your business. You work hard, with full days and lots to do.But being busy isn’t the same as being productive.Small, trivial things, screaming for – and getting – your attention aren’t those that produce revenue and move you forward. As a result you get stuck.You lose sight of the big picture, the reason you started your business in the first place.If you want to get fit, you go to a gym. If you’re serious then you hire a Personal Trainer – who listens, understands your goals, and formulates a plan to get you there. They push you to do the correct things, at the right intensity, with the right technique so you get the right results.Our Marketing and Sales System has 5 structured parts but as with anything, if you want tomake progress you need help, guidance and advice from someone who’s been there and done it. An expert, with a proven system, that will get you where you want to be.We work with you, to implement it effectively in your business. It’s all about:Cracking the rhythmic acquisition of customersMaking your cash register ringGiving you a pay riseFixing the big things to build the business you deserve and desireWe’ll hold you accountable, make sure you never get stuck and help you implement the system properly so you get the results YOU want. There’s no fluff here.We will implement the System. In your business. With you. And it will change everything for you. Forever.

Job title

Marketing Accelerator