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Loving Lockdown? The Joys of Being a Working Parent

Feeling trapped and overwhelmed with family and work life? On this edition of The Business Brunch we are joined by Jessica Mason from Chapman Robinson & Moore, Nicola Wallbank from Julian Taylor Solicitors, Howard Feather from NatWest and Katerina Kurgane, also from Chapman Robinson & Moore as they talk about the pressures of being a parent in lockdown and how they are managing to cope with work and home life.

What does the post-Brexit VAT landscape look like?

The ‘honeymoon’ transition period following the UK’s official departure from the European Union in January 2020, with no trade borders or customs formalities and VAT systems remaining the same, has now come to an end. If you’re a business that trades in the EU, the new rules on VAT and customs are now in place and major adjustments may be needed.

Planning for success in an uncertain world

Even before our pandemic-hit 2020, we adjusted to a world of constant change and uncertainty, but the challenges of a post-COVID business environment will require a new level of stress testing and scenario planning if our businesses are to survive and thrive. 2021 will be a critical year for business and will still see significant disruption from economic, political and environmental forces.

Overcoming Our Biggest Challenges

It’s been almost a year of turbulence, a year like no other, certainly a year none of us will ever forget. But, as days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months, the realities of a new business world came into view. When would we see our colleagues again? Would we ever be together under the same roof? Can our business survive this? When B4 members from the Professional Services Hub got together recently, the stand out concern for them was the wellbeing of their colleagues.

Government Support

The rapid disruption caused by the various social distancing measures has resulted in a liquidity shock to many businesses. Therefore, we would like to circulate what we have learned about the various financing and government support options expected to be available to date.

Team CRM

So often the face of a business is its directors, providing the marketing and PR and generally flying the flag. But without the team sitting behind them their efforts would often be in vain.

The Future is Bright

Light has the power to captivate; be that gathering round a campfire, or the lights dimming on a stage and an expectant hush descending upon the audience. But imagine the impact if a building could have that effect of drawing people together and then entertaining or informing them; this is the reality of G-Smatt Europe’s architectural grade, smart, media glass.

A New look for a New Way of Accounting

One of B4’s newest members are Chapman Robinson and Moore Accountants (CRM) based in Kidlington, Oxford. Long-term supporter of B4, Mike Foster, who joined the firm towards the end of 2016 said; “Bringing CRM into the B4 community was one of my priorities on joining the firm”.