Stephen Cook

Chief Protagonist and Conductor
Hi, I’m Steve. I dance with monsters.

Depending on who you talk to I am known as some bloke in a hat, an organisational strategist, a leadership confidante, systems obsessive, creative, growth catalyst, visionary, change-maker, conductor, storyteller and reality checker.

With a focus on inter-organisational ‘conduct’, I am;

Co-Founder of Unstitution - a purposeful coalition, a mindscape, a do-tank and a robust methodology set that brings together people and organisations from across civil society, business and government sectors to a) dance with and tame the multiple monsters that prevent meaningful societal progress and b) build the binding coalitions that can co-create systemic social change, solve complex social challenges and, through their unique constructs and conduct, have lasting, valuable social impact.

Co-Founder of Age of Human – a community of ‘leaders in the shadows’ working to explore social change need and the contribution and conduct of purposeful business to achieve this.

Owner of V. Purposeful Strategy – a strategy practice helping organisations to become better fit for future purpose. A conductor of organisational strategy and change programmes that works with Governments, Civil Society organisations, Think Tanks and Businesses/Corporations all over the world.

In all these, my 35 years in the making methodology 'Future Conduct' is a key driving force.

In the spirit of trying to change the world, I am a Fellow of the RSA - exploring diverse issues including, the future of work, capitalism, democracy, regenerative cultures, place-shaping and much else, a member of The Purpose Collective – exploring purpose, mattering, meaning and the contribution these can make to society, an active member of the Big Tent and other think tanks addressing the central issues of our age and on the Advisory Board of ‘The Real Meaning of Business’ – an emerging initiative to explore how SMB’s can contribute to wider society more effectively and grow as a result.

In my spare time, I like to write and exchange ideas with anyone about anything that sparks the imagination and contributes to bringing organisations together in the pursuit of meaningful change.