Sabiene North

Fundraiser and Events Coordinator


After a successful career in Wealth Management spanning over 22 years, I took the plunge in early 2020 to work in the third sector. I am now the Fundraiser at a local charity, Be Free Young Carers (BFYC), which supports young carers throughout Oxfordhsire. So instead of making money for the wealthy, I am concentrating my skills on make money for those disadvantaged children in our society. My main aim is to raise awareness of BFYC in the business community, we are a brilliant charity that does not receive any statutory funding. I have acquired a large connections base throughout my years in Wealth Management, which may benefit B4 members. If you would like to connect then please find me on LinkedIn or feel free to drop me an email.



Children, Young Carers & COVID

Over the past year the world we once knew has become very different for all of us. We’ve all faced personal and professional challenges on a different scale and there’s no real light at the end of the tunnel. But most of us reading this will be of a certain age, we’ve lived our lives to some extent, we’ve experienced things we can, for the time being anyway, no longer experience. Not everyone can handle that, no matter how insignificant those experiences are in the grand scheme of things, they’re important to someone.