Nick Stead

Business Development Manager


Capping a 30 Year career in IT - through Software Development, Hardware Maintenance, Systems Support and into Sales & Marketing I have, for the past five years, headed up the Sales mission at Storm. My responsibilities include helping to shape our market image and define our brand as well as being hands-on in the marketing communication and sales contact arena.



What are the biggest threats to your business?

As the world limps on and businesses in the UK contend with the challenges of another period of lockdown, B4 members representing the Business Services, IT & Communications Hub marked Data Protection Day on Thursday 28th January 2021 by discussing what the major threats were to their businesses. With thanks to Darren Aston (Aston & James), Neill Lawson-Smith (CIS Ltd), Paul Ballinger (STL Communications), Salim Benadel (Storm Internet) and Kellie Peters (Databasix).

Workplace Innovation

As founder and director of Storm Internet, Salim Benadel has a passion for doing things right. It’s not often you come across someone with such a level of drive and determination to succeed, but Salim wants to succeed to help his growing number of clients succeed, to make their lives easier…it’s the mantra of Storm.