Mark Evans

Managing Director


I lead a team of manufacturing and engineering experts and we’ve spent the last ten years submitting reliable research and development (R&D) claims which stand up to HMRC scrutiny.

With the Government clamping down on fraudulent or erroneous claims, and more businesses sadly falling victim to dodgy advisers, I’m on a mission to support companies to make informed choices and conduct thorough research before submitting an R&D claim.
By working with manufacturers, engineers, and accountants, we’re able to reduce the number of businesses subject to HMRC enquiries – who are being asked to pay money back up to a year after their claim is paid out.

We’re also happy to provide free advice to any accountant with a client who’s been approached and told their business activities are eligible under the R&D scheme. If you’re an accountant who’s unsure that your client has been correctly informed, we’ll give our FREE independent opinion and so prevent your client from submitting a fraudulent or erroneous claim.



Helping engineering firm with R&D tax claims

As a business providing precision engineering services to the aerospace, motorsports, and marine sectors across the globe, West Midlands-based engineering firm A&M EDM prides itself on its innovative, pioneering, and forward-thinking approach.  By its very nature, R&D constitutes a significant proportion of the firm’s day-to-day operations and, through embracing the Government’s R&D tax credit scheme, […]