Michael Duerden

Michael Duerden

Senior Digital Sales Executive


First and foremost a Husband and a Father to 2 beautiful girls. I class myself as a non-salesy Sales Consultant with over 10 years experience spanning FMCG, Tech Recruitment Services, Software & Consultancy Services and now Digital Marketing, Social and Web Design. In my spare time I am an RAF Reservist with $624 Sqn at RAF Brize Norton - loading military aircraft such as C-17, A400 and Voyager. Occasionally kick a ball around a field with 21 other men and support the greatest club in the world - Liverpool FC.

I am looking to talk with businesses from SME's to PLC's who find the world of social media a bit of a headache and are not getting the engagement they need. Businesses who feel like SEO doesn't work for them and are not sure how much traffic their website is getting. Maybe you're not happy about the return on investment you are getting from your GoogleAd spend or SocialAd spend or perhaps want to dip your toe into the world of PPCAds but not sure about putting together a solid strategy.



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