Kathryn Claire Courtenay-Evans

Managing Director


I have worked in a leadership role for over 20 years in and with organisations of all sizes, supporting individuals and organisations understand the journey that their customers, employees, and stakeholders experience through the service they deliver and the relationships that they build. I have helped organisations focus on understanding, measuring and developing the service and product experience and journey through strategic insight supported by tracking measures. I have developed and run successful customer, employee and stakeholder engagement strategies to giving support and clarity to better understand customers and employee journeys. Most recently I have looked in more detail about how to measure wellbeing in the workplace for the stance of different pillars such as emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing, as well as social, spiritual and financial wellbeing. We look at how to assess what you are delivering, what good looks like and next steps for the future.

The outcome in all the insight work is to help you to summarise data giving my clients strategic insight leading to an understanding of what to do next

During my insight career my passion has been supporting my colleagues and employees to achieve their potential and feel that they can follow their ambitions. I have achieved the Institute of Leadership and Management level 7 Postgraduate in Executive Coaching and decided to follow my ambitions to coach professionals as a larger component of my work.

My approach in coaching is to create a safe space for my clients to explore what they want to talk about. I believe that as a coach you have to really listen to understand, be empathic yet challenging and allow the individual the time to think. Time is something that can be scarce in our busy lives and lead to amazing results personally and professionally. I aim to make my clients feel received in whatever they want to talk about and supported to make any changes that they decide is right for them.



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