Sarah Wyatt

Co-Founder & Director


As key contact at Juicy Designs, I'm here every step of the way to ensure the scope of each project is fully explored, creative ideas are developed in line with objectives and everything is delivered on time and within budget.

It allows me to do what I love - deliver impactful and engaging communications our clients are proud of.

I also love hiking, doodling, the great outdoors and I'm a huge fan of the humble cuppa - so if you fancy a catch up with a tea (or coffee), I'm in!



Just Post It

What are you frightened of? Time spent dithering about what to write or share on LinkedIn or your other marketing channels is time you could be spending on your business. Call it writer’s block, call it imposter syndrome. Or recognise it’ll add some value to your audience and just post it!

B4 Sales & Marketing Day

It’s Sales & Marketing Day at B4. So we’re highlighting some recent and not so recent articles and press releases posted by B4 members over the past year or so.

Differentiation – how to stand out in a crowded...

The pandemic has thrown into question lots of new challenges for businesses. The way we work, the way we deliver our products or services and how we all stay connected and engaged to name just a few. One thing it’s thrown up for many right now, is how to stand out amongst the plethora of other, often similar, businesses out there and sometimes it can seem like a battle to make ourselves heard. So how do you stand out for all the right reasons? B4 members Nick Hughes and Sarah Wyatt share their insights…