Dominic Hare

Chief Executive Officer
Dominic Hare, CEO, Blenheim - Dominic Hare was born in Liverpool and studied Law at Oxford. After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG, he spent the next ten years in corporate finance and investment banking (with Paribas and Barclays Capital), specialising in the media and telecoms sector. He is proud to have helped DJ Chris Evans buy Virgin Radio but also to have helped Bob the Builder buy both Thomas the Tank Engine and Barney the Purple Dinosaur. For 13 years, he served as Finance Director at Blenheim and is now the Chief Executive Officer at Blenheim. At Blenheim, he and the team are delivering an energetic vision of the evolved role of a landed estate today, not an historic anachronism but on the powerhouse of the local economy, custodians and innovators in carbon management and the heartbeat of local life.

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